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  • to be apart of a nationwide collaborative effort to re-populate the Apis Mellifera (Western Honey Bee)
    in the wild of the United States.

    By utilizing studies conducted by Thomas D. Seeley (Horace White Professor in
    Neurobiology, Cornell University) and his team in the Arnot Forest over the last decade, we have developed
    a three stage preparation process which will increase the survivability and decrease the infestation rate of Varroa Mites
    in Honey Bee Colonies which will eventually (once producing native varroa resistant generations) be freed for continuous
    reproduction of the hive.

    We have the method, now all we need is the means. By becoming a part of the Sanctum Alvarium you
    are not only helping us, but yourself, your family, and everyone's future by ensuring a continued and ample population of
    Western Honey Bees for the natural pollination of the food we all eat.

    Every bee in a colony does their part, and every little bit helps, to find out what you can do to help our future..

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